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Getting your bookkeeping records-up-to-date

With your books organized and up to date, you will have a true grasp of your company’s position. Whether this is for the first time, a quarterly or yearly clean-up, I will accurately add the information provided and you will be able move forward with keeping your books updated.   


QuickBooks Online Set-Up

Getting everything into QuickBooks Online Software can be daunting.  Together we can walk through the process and manage it in bite-sized chunks so you will feel empowered to complete the process moving forward.  Together we can customize the software and the apps so your workflow becomes second nature for your day-to- day finances.  We will update the system with company, customer, vendor, and employee data as you need it.  With the Industry-Specific Financial Reports, you will be able to assess the health of your business and focus on the goals needed to make your company a success.

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Bookkeeping Services

I can take on the daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks of your financial journey for you.  Not only will this provide you peace of mind but this will give you the ability to focus on what is best for your company.  During our monthly/quarterly check-ups, we will discuss the changes your company has incurred and how this impacts your cash-flow and your goals.  We will discuss options to budget so you can turn those goals into milestones.   

General Tasks: 

  • Record and Maintain financial Records 
  • Fact check financial data 
  • Update Financial Statements 
  • Ensure Accounts are current and accurate with the use of QuickBooks Online, spreadsheets, and other tools to track and manage data.   
  • Maintain receipts, bills, and invoices  Secured Document centers (apps used Google Drive, QBO, HubDocs, OneDrive)  
  • Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable 
Why Choose Me

About Me

I live in Omaha, Ne, and have my entire life.  I am married with an adult daughter and love animals.  I have both dogs and cats and even a hamster who is my office mate.  Playing video games is a family affair, with World of Warcraft at the top of that list.  I became a bookkeeper because I have always had an inclination for mysteries and puzzles.  Whether it’s a Hallmark Mystery Channel move, a cozy mystery from Audible or Kindle or just completing sudoku with my table, I really love a brain teaser.  I also have an affinity for software and technology.  Trying to keep up with the latest and greatest as well as optimizing what I already have has kept me on a path for doing what I enjoy.  I love trying to figure out the best and most efficient process to complete tasks, jobs, or goals.  I want to use these skills to help your business thrive.   

I want to help you

You started your business to do what you love.  You knew tracking your finances as part of being a business owner but maybe it was much more time-consuming than you realized.  Tracking all the money flowing in and out of your business can be overwhelming and confusing.  If you have found yourself dreading this part of your business now may be the time to outsource the bookkeeping.  

I have taken the steps needed to become a 21st Century Bookkeeper and provide value beyond just your financial statements.  Together we can analyze the pressure points in your business and expand on what is driving your business to success.  Whether it’s adding another employee, expanding on a product or service, or purchasing new equipment, our monthly check-up meetings will help you make those decisions with confidence.  

Whether you have a business that just needs the bookkeeping process streamlined or a company that needs more hands-on assistance, I want to help you.  It’s what I do.  

My Accreditations

QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor Online

As a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor, I have been trained, tested, and endorsed by Intuit.  Intuit provides me additional training materials, software tools, and dedicated support resources to help me stay up to date on upgrades to the software.  I am able to use this expertise to train business owners or trusted employees on the QuickBooks products from both a software and bookkeeping perspective.   Together we can review what QuickBooks Online products and which integrated apps will work best for your small business.  

Bookkeeper Launch Certificate of Completion

I have received the Bookkeeper Launch Certificate of Completion. I concentrated my study on recording and maintaining financial records within QuickBooks Online.  Gained experience in ensuring accurate accounts and financial statements with additional education in tools for tracking and managing financial data.  In addition, I have focused on becoming a 21st-century bookkeeper to provide value to business owners such as yourself in creating a plan to ensure your company’s success.   

What you can Expect

Get Back Your Time

Time is finite. Spending hours every month tracking each receipt and bill can cost you valuable time as a business owner. By allowing me to work with you on your books, you will have the time to put your focus back into what matters most, making your business a success.

Know Your Cash Flow

Every month money flows in and out of your business. Without correct categorization you may be losing out on the potential value of your dollars.

Be Ready for Tax Time

With Clean Books, you will be your tax accountant’s best friend. With an understanding of your finances, you will limit any surprises come tax time.

Always on Time

Bills, invoices, deposits, taxes have money moving in and out of the business daily. Making sure everything is accurately done one time on time is my top priority.

change those Goals to Milestones

Having a goal is not the same as achieving a milestone. That takes planning, budgeting, and knowing where you stand month to month and quarter to quarter. Together we can face those challenges and with the proper planning, we can succeed in reaching your business potential.

Books Done Right

Knowing your financial documents are accurate, up to date and ready for inspection, you will have the piece of mind you are looking for. Whether it’s end of the year taxes or statements for a prospective loan, everything will be at your fingertips just when you need it.

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